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Liliput Baureihe 42 1800 DR, Ep.II Tarnfarbe - Review

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I have happily been reviewing this fantastic model over the last few days. It compliments the other armoured locos that I've been looking at recently.

Click here for the review.
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Nice review Doug, I have been thinking about this one myself.

The dodgy smoke box light is common on some German outline locos. My take on it is that you are only supposed to see the flicker.

With the Seuthe smoke units you often have to take the body off to ensure that the contacts on the smoke generator meet the contacts on the loco. If they are out they wont work.

Do you have any pictures of what the camo should look like?
With smoke generators which don't have their own specific function they are usually linked to the lights as with Roco locos. I'm not sure about Liliput though as my only Liliput loco with pre installed smoke generator never worked as their was a problem with the circuit.
QUOTE (60134 @ 20 Jul 2008, 04:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>And yet it this month's Railway magazine (I think) there was a Drajeeling B Class with a swastika emblazoned on the smokebox.... One has to remember that the symbol pre-dated the Nazis by thousands of years and is a sacred sign in India.

Ho hum!

The swastika is used widely in India, Nepal and elsewhere in the east as it an ancient religious symbol. This is often not known in the west and misinterpreted. I remember seeing an Indian Air Force Spitfire from the thirties with a swastika emblem on the squadron badge.
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QUOTE (6991 @ 20 Jul 2008, 20:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If you want to see some excellent pictures on anything from the 1930s until 1960s I'll direct you to an amazing, astounding, recently published collection of work by Walter Hollnagel, who was an official railway photographer based in Hamburg for this whole period. This work is the ModellEisenbahner SPEZIAL #9 published first in November 2007, it's called 'Reichsbahn, Krieg and Wirtschaftwunder' and it's only Euro 6.50 - I recommend it to you all. You will not believe the quality of the colour photography from the 30s and 40s.

Sold, I have been very impressed with the information in the ModelEisenbahn Journals. At 6.50 Euro, I'll have to get one of these.
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1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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