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Liliput Baureihe 42 1800 DR, Ep.II Tarnfarbe - Review

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I have happily been reviewing this fantastic model over the last few days. It compliments the other armoured locos that I've been looking at recently.

Click here for the review.
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Nice review Doug & thanks for taking the time to produce it.

Don't know about that camouflage though - it just does not look right to me, & that alone would stop me from wanting one.

I would have thought that the smoke function was switchable.
QUOTE (Martin71 @ 5 Jun 2008, 15:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>the German logo is missing the swastika in the centre as it is illegal to use it, even on models.
AFAIK it is now permitted on models provided that they are historical and accurate.
I have a Liliput (proper one not a Bachmann one) 05.001 with the Olympic Rings on the tender & the swastika on the left hand smokebox. In the box is an additional swastika that can be put on the other side. These were supplied separately so that the owner could fit them if required - I bought mine secondhand & the previous owner had just fitted them one side.

Being an original Lilput in the wood effect box & made in Austria makes me wonder if it is actually illagal or just not "the done thing" on historical models ?
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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