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Hi, everyone, i am from Shanghai, P.R.China. I have colleted LILIPUT train cars for 2 years. Here are some of my colletction. Please enjoy the pics.

liliput products are made in China and can be bought in Shanghai with very very good price. nearly 30% ~ 40% cheaper than in European and American market.

German military train in WWII......
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Hello and welcome to the forum 88818

I have been trying to get your pictures to load , but your picture host keeps on timing out


QUOTE (88818 @ 21 Dec 2008, 11:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Please go to here to see all of my liliput military train pic!!

Hi and welcome. What was the coach/wagon with the rear opening doors? I think it was the last two photos on the other forum.
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