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Lima 0-6-0 Chassis problems

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Hello. about half a year ago i received a Lima 9400. i love the model to bits and pieces, even if it runs rather choppily at times. however a few months later it just could not run for mor than 3 seconds, so i stripped the motor down and examined that the magnetic ring around the core had been cracked and is extremely brittle. a chucked the faulty bit out and ended up ordering another chassis which said it was in working order, but when i received it i saw that it also has those same cracks, and I'm wondering if it actually has any affect on the running or not, or if "tri-angman" has swindled me.
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I have a Hornby ringfield motor with a ring magnet in two pieces. I just superglued it back together and it works fine. Magnets are brittle but you can now get neo high power replacements for not a lot of money that coupled with a commutator clean and some new brushes and springs, puts the life back into such motors.
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