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lima 59s

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would like to change the motors on lima class 59 diesel's can anybody suggest replacments

much appreciated

all the best for the new year
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Bachmann have a really good centre motor both bogies powered drive in their 66. Hattons are practically giving them away. You can probably use the light fit to provide lights on the 59 too...
Also it should be possible to sell the Bachmann body and Lima chassis as spares to further reduce the cost.
With Hornby re-releasing the Lima model of the 59 the quickest and probably cheapest option is to either purchase a cheap Hornby example or call up a spares dealer to see if they have the parts in, but Hornby have changed the actual motor so you will need to buy a motorised chassis for it (making sure you order the right 'colour' (grey/black)).

The Bachmann 66 route would require some modelling skill if you are to make it accurate, as the 66 and 59 chassis are quite different 'in the flesh'
Another alternative that is quick and easy to fit with only a modicum of soldering is the fairly inexpensive ModelTorque Lima replacement motor.
Tnx for the helpful replys.
have ordered a DRS 66 from hattons, I am going over there this afternoon to see what other goodies they got (dont tell the wife)
will see if they have anything that will help me out.
i am thinking of going the dcc route which is the reason i am looking @ changing the motors also hope to post a few photos of a lima 66 i have fitted grills and am respraying !st attempt so will see what feed back i get
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Hornby's 59005 (Black underframe - with the wrong headlight clusters) is £42 in Hattons, Their model of 59102 (grey underframe) is £39 and both should be DCC ready. A couple of Hornby's 66s are hovering around £40 too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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