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lima and hornby first Great Western hst and mk3s

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hi to all first great western fans and welcome
what first great western hst is the best?
what hst in first great western do you think
will be out in hornby 2009?
the *** packet livery needs to be
released for people to stop bidding
on the crappy lima hsts and mk3s on ebay.
because that is just wasting money at times.
i hope they dont bring out another hornby
hst and mk3s in the barbie livery because
people will just think forget we got ours from three
years ago. i think they should release the full
hsts and mk3s for *** packet livery and also they
should make an effort to do a neon livery 2006 livery
and see how people like it but most of all everybody
wants the dynamic lines livery to be released so everyone
is up to with the first great western liveries
2009 needs some hst help to hwlp hornby release about
five or six different liveries of hst in 2009
maybe the neon, dynamic lines , *** packet , midland mainline
tangerine livery , new XC hst and also virgin hst with names
irish mail and blackpool rock.
if they dont bring any fgw out it will be a dissapointing year
please reply if you are interested in first great western liveries
and build up to 2009

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I think Hornby should bring out the neon livery HST
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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