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Lima Class 33 motor spare part

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Hi guys,

I've found a broken cog in my Lima class 33 motor and I'm looking around for a spare but can't seem to find any on Ebay.

Does anyone know a place where I might find Lima spares?
Wood Gas Machine Rolling Auto part

The cog I need is the red one (have removed the broken one from the other side)
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Welcome to the forum!

I can't quite count how many teeth the gear has, but if you search for "Lima Gear" on Peter's Spares website, you should hopefully find one suitable.

If that doesn't prove fruitful, you can often get 'scrap' lima locomotives fairly cheaply on the likes of eBay which can be cannibalised for bits (or a complete motor bogie depending on your luck!)


Many thanks for the response cameron
i could cut one out on my 3d printer if you could send me the cad file. i could then still it to you for a reasonable sum
Thanks, found the spare part on peters spares and it's running great now!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts