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Lima Class 40 pickups ?

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Hello. Everyone.
I have a Lima Class 40 running in DCC but the pickups are not so great. In fact one of the sprung pickup wires is broken. Has anyone replaced or improved the pickups on this model. Any info would be gratefully received.
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I have two of these converted onto DCC, one of them is like yours I think, rather iffy on the pickups.
I did just replace them, as cleaning seemed to have no effect.
Bought a spare set off eBay and just chucked them in (Cost around £1.75 total I think)

Have you had it apart and seen if there is any obvious grime or dirt on there?

I have heard some people tin a very light coating with a soldering iron, on their old or worn pickups, to help rejuvenate them. But have never tried that approach myself.

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