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My experience with Lima has been good as well as bad in my case and this centainly applies to their range including the HO european range. As previously stated with the Lima 20. Its not very accurate and when parked up at the side of the Bachmann Class 20 - you can clearly see the flaws evident on the Lima model. Also this is the case with the Class 37 and the Class 40. In regards to the Class 37 - The Bachmann version is the best for accuracy but the worst version in my view is the Hornby model because the chassis is totally wrong and the bogie frame has been "borrowed" from their Class 47. Though the Lima version of the Class 37 is not bad considering it was introduced in the late 1970's/1980's and it had better pulling power than the Hornby version too. Now the tables turn in my opinion in Lima's favour in regards to the Class 43 HST and the Class 47 "Greyhound". The Class 43 HST power car is more accurate than Hornby's HST because the pillars on the windscreen to me look a bit too thick and also the Hornby HST still has a guards compartment as where the Lima version which is correct on today's HST does not hence that a HST prototypical rake has a TGS coach behind one of the power cars in its formation. With regards to the Lima Class 47. Their model to me looks more authentic than Hornby's as it has the side cab window pillars moulded onto the body rather than "built-in" to the glazing like on Hornby's model. But now that Hornby owns the Lima range - I think its time for Hornby to scrap their Class 47 and HST tooling now that they have the more accurate Lima tooling. Another thing I liked was the Lima TGV's especially their Second Gen TGV's like the TGV Atlantique, TGV Thalys PBA and their TGV Reseau models as to me they look the most accurate Model for these TGV trains
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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