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hi to all Lima 125 fans
what is the most popular hst out of these
hsts if you are interested in the *** packet livery
there is not many places to look for this livery at
the moment maybe ebay might have some of this
livery on there and at the moment i know they have
got alot of midland mainline espiacally some coaches
in a big pack so if you are interested in midland mainline
hopefully hornby will bring out this livery in 2009 with the
*** packet livery with power and dummy cars and coaches
A-H on both of these liveries that would be good because both
of these liveries are going for silly although they are very popular
liveries it is very lucky if they bring both of these out on hornby 2009
i doubt that. it would be amazing though if it happened. i think hornby
need to produce the vxc coaches because they have released the power
and dummy cars and they now need the matching coaches to go with them
and that would make a superb set and hornby hopefully will have a very good
year for our 125 fans hopefully they willbring out the new marron xc hst cross
country that has only been out for a few months. that would be a suprise and
it will hopefully sell well if they release it. hornby might throw the towl in this 2009
because thats if they bring out the merlin/ivory Great western trains because that
is being brought or being bidded on still on ebay for quite disant money at the minute
and has not gone has high as the *** packet and the midland mainline turqoise livery
and also what lima produced which hornby might not is produce the mk3s with not all
coach letters on and lima tended to sell all coaches with all letters on the side of mk3s
also hornby have never released neon livery if they produce that and they dont bring
out all the neon coaches then you can mix and match with neon and the barbie livery.
hopefully hornby will bring out a variety of hsts and mk3s for 2009
if you love hst or mk3 reply and say what you think hornby will release in 2009


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