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Lima King Class Tender Driven - Weights missing

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Good Afternoon Fellow members

Just building my set and went to run 2 Kings built by Lima
King Stephen has no weights and tender wheels just spin whereas George v has weights
I have endeavoured to find spares with Peters Spare and others but no joy
Possible someone could help guide me or if you know of someone or srlf who may have i am happy to buy from you plus postage
Thanks in anticipation
Best Regards
Stephen Walkman - Taunton
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Steve, Welcome!

Never looked at a Lima King so I have no clue to the form of the weight; but if one is not readily sourced, sheet lead is easily cut with a Stanley knife to fit in the voids in the tender. That's what I would do. Most Builder's and Plumber's merchants will hold stock, and will likely have some chopped in pieces for recycling, you might even get some free if you are buying other items...
If the George weights fit the Steven, then press them into some plasticine to make moulds then fill with small fishing lead shot and then pour in PVA to fill in the gaps so you end up with a solid block of roughly the right shape.
That's a recipe for a potential problem in my opinion. If the PVA isn't pH neutral it will corrode the lead shot surface causing swelling. This effect has been more than sufficient to split open soldered construction sheet metal models, and would likely do the plastic frame of a Lima motor-bogie-in-a-tender no favours at all.
But why use the inferior substitutes when sheet lead is readily available as a standard building material? Easy to cut and shape, it can be used as a modelling material, and you get more density for the money.

(It's so sad that gold - and denser - are so expensive. It was only the Russian Tsars that got their model trains in gold from - you guessed it - the workshops of 'Mr Easter egg' himself; Faberge.)
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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