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Lima King Class Tender Driven - Weights missing

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Good Afternoon Fellow members

Just building my set and went to run 2 Kings built by Lima
King Stephen has no weights and tender wheels just spin whereas George v has weights
I have endeavoured to find spares with Peters Spare and others but no joy
Possible someone could help guide me or if you know of someone or srlf who may have i am happy to buy from you plus postage
Thanks in anticipation
Best Regards
Stephen Walkman - Taunton
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I have found using superglue appears to work well to affix lead shot in place w/o the corrosion expansion issues, although that said I have only used it in an 'open top' container. One thing you do however need to be careful with is that large amounts of superglue curing can get quite hot, so have had wagon chassis warp due to that...
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