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Lima King Class Tender Driven - Weights missing

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Good Afternoon Fellow members

Just building my set and went to run 2 Kings built by Lima
King Stephen has no weights and tender wheels just spin whereas George v has weights
I have endeavoured to find spares with Peters Spare and others but no joy
Possible someone could help guide me or if you know of someone or srlf who may have i am happy to buy from you plus postage
Thanks in anticipation
Best Regards
Stephen Walkman - Taunton
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I believe that the lead shot, used as fishing weights does't have the lead content of the sad results above {new rules regarding the use of lead H&S gone right for a change}. The weights available in fishing shops are lead free these days and should present none of the lead problems. They are slightly less heavy, but will, none-the-less add plenty of weight... so I am informed.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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