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Lima SAR/SAS Models

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A member was enquiring about some of the Lima South African Railways models that I have. Here are some snaps.

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I actually had quite a bit more than that. I've sold most of it over the years as I realise that I won't build a SA layout.

They are quite nostalgic for many though. I remember as a kid taking the train from Johannesburg to Cape Town. A long and hot journey. Quite boring for a kid, but I still remember every trip so it must have had an effect on me.
Some parts of that trip are better than others. Round Cape Town is interesting but the Free State is a bit monotenous.

The one thing I remember was it being accurate to a second in terms of timetable. Very impressed.
thanks fo rhte pictures doug. i have seen them for sale a couple of times but never really taken much interest. they have them now and then in wheels of steel at grays antiques.

i rather like the idea of having a blue train rolling round.

Peter a case of so many trains and not enough time perhaps?


Wonder if Roco maybe considering so SAR narrow gauge?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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