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QUOTE (BONGSMAN @ 10 Jul 2011, 19:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I may be reading this wrong, and please correct me if I am, but £4.50 (including UK 2nd class postage) for TWO tyres ?

Well, there are a few points here.

1. Presumably these tyres are not made any more (though close approximations may be). Thus, simple economics dictate that as the supply becomes scarce, the price will rise.

2. Assuming you have an otherwise serviceable Lima loco, and further assuming that a good set of tyres would be expected to last 5-10 years (depending on the level of use), then the cost of the tyres, amortized over the period of use is very low. (i.e. 45p a year).

3. The alternative is presumably to discard the loco and buy a replacement (e.g. Hornby Railroad). This would cost a lot more than £4.50

4. If you buy a few other items at the same time, the postage is presumably split over the ensemble and is thus proportionately less.

Just a few thoughts.....

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