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Lima spares

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Does anyone know if hornby plan to reintroduce some of the lima spares as there is a bit of a scarcity of late. It wouldn't take much i'm sure to do a kit of brushes and springs, traction tyres, buffers and the other small drop off and vac up parts such as class 31 horns and 73 rubbing plates etc. Come on hornby do us lima owners a favour (which is more than lima used to do!) there is clearly a market for parts as even a part set of class 31 handrails can go for up to a fiver!
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I'll just bump this thread up a bit seeing as i somewhat daftly decided to try and put it on the news page. Are there any other lima collectors that would like to see some of the more popular spares reintroduced and if so what?
I am sure it wouldn't impact too much on sales of newer locos and on the contrary may act as an aid to sales by allowing a seller to make a few pound more for a complete loco than if all the small parts were missing.

I am slowly whittling down my lima collection with a view to going for a fully digital layout and have quite a few in need of handrails or the odd buffer etc or just a good service to make a good runner. Please hornby help us out here as lima rarely did which may have contributed to their demise. Your service regarding hornby spares gets a lot of good press so what about it?
Availability of Lima and Hornby spares is most interesting reading. In the past, in contacting Hornby spares section - in most cases, Hornby refer me to a firm named Modelspares of Burnley and I must accept that this firm do carry a large stock of Hornby spares and are also most helpful. Modelspares however, only carry spares stock for Hornby models - mostly locomotives.
Any spares obtained (not many display) direct from Hornby, all spares carry a surcharge of £3.65 P&P per order, in comparison to Modelspares P&P charge of £2.00.
On reflection and it would be most interesting to learn, which Manufacture does supply spares to modellers.
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Have you tried MB Models? I've managed to get every Lima spare I needed from him.

If you don't already know of them here's there contact details.

Bill Mossop
MB Models
32 Conery Gardens
Whatton in the Vale
NG13 9FD
01949 850063
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I have had things from him before usually when i've been attending exhibitions. Thank you for reminding me though as I would imagine i'll be attending the festival of brm at Harrogate this year.I'll check if he will be there.
For anyone going to Harrogate my advice is be prepared for a lengthy queue on exiting the venue as the Yorkshire showground shares an exit with a sainsburys supermarket controlled by the crappiest set of traffic lights i've ever had the mispleasure of queueing at and that includes the ones i have to sit at every day getting into Leeds. Add to that the fact that it seems no one actually wants you to find the venue in the first place by actually putting any signs up for it on the approach roads so don't be surprised if you find yourself driving straight past(its easier to find by train as the service from Leeds goes right past the venue pity there isn't a station serving it).

Lord only knows how they cope when the Yorkshire show is on!

Come back Donny racecourse all is forgiven!
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When I spoke to MB Models at the Warley show they said that Hornby had been in touch and they had been invited to put together a list of essential spares for Lima locomotives and rolling stock. The way Lima outsourced their production to 31 small Italian workshops I suspect Hornby will need to call upon the skills of Paul Daniels!

Happy modelling
Oh goody according to the advert for MB models in this months model rail they will be attending the Harrogate event so i'd better get a list together then. So lets see thats buffers,handrails,traction tyres,wipers..... Jeez better get out a second mortgage then!!
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Good evening Gary.

Interesting comment about spares production. I was wondering if some enterprising railway type might approach hornby with a view to producing spares or even acquiring some of the old moulds such as Railwayania did with the mainline stuff. I did see them selling some very nicely repainted lima loco's around the time lima went bust and also bought some consumable spares then. It would be interesting to see if hornby would allow it as it would be competition for them.
Just as a offshoot which lima products would you like to see supercede existing hornby ones? Personally i prefer their western to hornbys as it doesn't have that bizarre split valance and i've never been a big fan of the hornby class 37 to the point that all my 37's were lima except i now have 2 bachmann ones.
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The other model that Hornby could adopt is the Lima HST. Don't ask MB Models for any spares for the Lima Class 92. Basically Bill had pretty much run out. And bits and bobs for the King Class locos are almost non existent.

Happy modelling
Good call on the HST as it doesn't have the guard compartment on it.
It would probably be cheaper to buy a new class 92 off ebay than buy spares for it. I have one that i have run possibly twice and paid the princely sum of £19 for.
Could this be one that hornby should consider releasing in neither hornby nor lima the model being just as unpopular as the real thing it seems. Seems stupid to run geriatric class 86's on freight when there are these beasts sitting about which aren't even 15 years old yet, not to mention they can run on 3rd rail as well.
A contentious issue but British railways 200 years of money down the toilet!
Perfect slogan in my mind.
I haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure Bill Mossop and MB Models will have a Trade Stand at the Model Rail Scotland event at the end of February too.
When Hornby release their versions of the ex-Lima models they will have been re-engineered to take a Hornby designed drive unit,-so Lima brushes,springs and traction tyres will NOT be remade as they are some of the components that wont be used in new production,and Hornby have no obligation[and why should they?] to provide a spares back-up for the now obsolete Lima designs,-almost certainly the bogies will be modified as well to do away with the non-standard[compared to Hornby]wheelsets,and the underframes probably modified in some way also,I expect these will become available in due course as spares,but of course they won't be interchangeable with the previous Lima equivalents...

For Lima spares try the previously mentioned MB Models,also:-

East Kent Models,
89 High Street,
Tel: 01227 770777

They have a few Lima spares in stock[no brushes and springs or lage traction tyres though]inc. diesel bodies,underframes,drive units,bogie frames,small parts,etc.
No bits for Classes 26,27,33,52,55.They also attend exhibitions..including Glasgow.

Also try Railwayania/Replica Railways near Swindon,Weekends only,sorry can't find 'phone no. at moment,-but they do advertise in the mags..
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Right i've got my list together fo the exhibition at Harrogate this weekend I don't need as much as i thought i did, mainly buffers though maybe a couple of more difficult items a pair of class 73 rubbing plates and a horn, plus a warship underframe. I hope the man from MB models has a good supply of parts cos the last time i bought from him his stall was absolutely heaving with customers.
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OK then as a follow up here is apparently the current situation at least as far as MB models go regards spare parts....
No oval buffers left
No wiper blade sets
No class 73 or 33/1 rubbing plates
The other parts on my list i managed to get no problem including a the warship underframe and the class 73 horns
I also picked up a ltd edition deltic bodyshell for D9012 to go with the D9005 I already have. I did have 2 after the wife got a second by mistake but sadly made a mess of renumbering it and the shell is now stripped of paint and may be used to build DP2 if I get round to it.So there you go if you need any oval buffers look elsewhere.
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