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Lima vs Bachmann Crab

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Be grateful for your advice. Did Bachmann use the Lima mould for their Crab? If so, is the motor the same, too? Finally, would you go for the Lima model on e-Bay for £30ish, or pay around £60 for the Bachmann? Course the Bachmann is DCC ready so I think I may have answered my question. Be interested in your thoughts, though.
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The Bachmann model is brand new tooling dating back a few years. The two models are not really comparable and I would recommend the Bachmann version over the Lima one.


The Lima Crab was a bit basic even in its day, and being Lima there's no guaranteee it's especially accurate. The Bachmann model has nothing to do with it - Bachmann's effort is a modern model to modern standards.

I'd definitely shell out the extra money for Bachmann. Sorry to disappoint you if you thought you had an ebay bargain in the crosshairs...
That's good enough for me. Many thanks Dan and Ravenser.
And with some careful shopping around, you can get versions of the Bachmann Crab for £50 or thereabouts.
I have to aggree with all the previous replys, I have both of these models, the lima was not a very good model, it ran and still does run poorly, and was constantly de-railing on bends, not very tight ones i may add, the Bachman crab is much better, and more pleasing to the eye.
Thanks 34C and Thunder. Picked up a new Bachmann for £53!
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