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In 1937, New Haven received ten 4-6-4 locomotives built by Baldwin. These were the last steam power the road would purchase and they were certainly the most beautiful. They featured streamlined boilers that were gloss black with stainless steel stripes and trim (aluminum paint on the tenders.) They were powered by large 80" Boxpox drivers that were ideal for the speedy Shoreline passenger trains that serviced New Haven and Boston. Many of these routes originated in, or continued to, New York via the New Haven's electrified western end. These locomotives hauled some of the most recognizable extra fare trains in railroading including the Merchants Limited, Senator and Yankee Clipper.

Broadway Limited is building the most accurate, smooth running, sound-equipped, brass HO New Haven I5 Hudson ever.

These museum caliber brass locomotives include all state-of-the-art features with exquisite detail and full sound for DC and DCC. The BLI I5 is, without a doubt, the very best I5 ever produced: In terms of accuracy, detail level as well as operational characteristics. Collectors of premium caliber brass models traditionally take one look at a newly purchased model and then pack it up and store them for safe-keeping on the shelf. But no more. The Broadway Limited I5 comes with a state-of-the-art display case which is fully equipped with roller bearings and power inputs for in-place display operation. This jewel of an I5 can be displayed in the included case rather than being stored in the darkness of its box. The Broadway Limited I5 has the following features:

-Full brass locomotive and tender with the highest accuracy and detail level
-Premium caliber painting
-Out-of-the-box operation for DC and DCC (with system auto-sensing)
-Premium 5-pole can motor with skew wound armature and fly wheel (specific brand is TBD)
-Powerful High Fidelity DC/DCC Sound equipped with authentic NH I5 sounds
-Full under-body detail on locomotive and tender
-Nickel Silver rods and valve gear
-Window glazing
-Sprung Drivers
-Full cab detail
-Prototypical light operation
-Scale operating Kadee couplers
-Operating power reverse
-Builder's plate
-Trust plate on tender
-Golden white LED headlight
-All fabricated components will be produced from the finest Milled Brass
-Roller Bearing display case for demonstration of operation and sounds

Modeling Time Period for New Haven I5 Hudson
Built by Baldwin and delivered in 1937, New Haven received a total of ten I5 class steam locomotives. The I5 earned an excellent reputation for outstanding performance and dependable service. However, with the introduction of DL109 diesel engines in 1941 and PA's 1948 and 1949, they all retired by early 1951.

New Haven's I5 Hudsons were originally delivered with a block lettering scheme. Later, a small script scheme was introduced which was eventually replaced by a large script with a square lettering scheme. All three versions will be produced.

Minimum Radius
TBD. The minimum radius of this engine will be large to build this model most prototypically.

Production Schedule
We will demonstrate the preproduction sample models at the Amherst Railway Society "Big Railroad Hobby Show" in Springfield, MA on January 27-28, 2007. Please join us there and watch the I5 in action!

Broadway Limited have now added the New Haven I-5 to their brass collection. The previous effort was very nice so this one should be too. The recommended retail price is $1,695 so this will be minority interest. I'd love one but beyond my means unfortunately. I love streamlined steam trains but this would soak up my annual model rail budget. For the few who can afford this type of model there is more information here. I look forward to seeing the production pictures.
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