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Nice work Edd.
I think you could use a re-railer though


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Not the best video in the world but my Kato U.P. AC4400 with sound ....the window was open in our short lived good weather hence the car going past in the background sound


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QUOTE (Doug @ 11 Nov 2008, 22:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Well I suppose that that's one way of looping the locos.

Are these yours? If so, what is switching them?

Yes, this is mine. I was hoping to have the loops complete for Christmas but I did not take into account quite how complicated building the layout was going to be. Still, I've started now, spent a fortune so no backing out!

There are pics of the detectors in my blog together with a big box of Masterswitch V2s. The detectors are Heathcote Electronic IRDOT-P detectors and I have a timer which I think is to stop the locos miss-firing the detectors. These act as the switches that send the pulse to the Masterswitch to change both points for the passing loop. I will have one switch in my switch box that will control manual/auto operation.

I had a few teething troubles with miss fires and the wrong loco moving forward and at one point both locos moving which technically should be impossible but I ran them for a while last night and they seemed to work OK. I am using the 59 and 66 as guinea pigs being the cheaper models I have and I can cope with the odd graze on them.
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