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Lionel Hiawatha

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For all of you 3-Rail fans out there Lionel is producing the legendery Hiawatha.

In 1935, the Milwaukee Road introduced an all new streamlined passenger train capable of both dizzying speeds and luxurious service. The Milwaukee Road dubbed this fast and fantastic train the Hiawatha. Built by the American Locomotive Company, locomotive Number 3 was delivered in May 1936. Dressed in vibrant orange, maroon, and gray, this new locomotive was prepared for service with the Hiawatha.

Built from all-new tooling, this classic locomotive features many prototypical details, including an opening front cowl, opening cab doors, and separately applied handrails and catwalks. This model also boasts the unsurpassed RailSounds 5.0 sound system with two FatBoy speakers.

Matching Hiawatha passenger cars are also available, complete with a "Beaver Tail" observation car. For more information please go here.

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At last. An American loco that I can fall in love with!

Happy modelling
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