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Liquid Lead

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Is there any where that I can get some liquid lead from other than Model Rail Magazine ?

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As from this year 2006 all "lead" contained products become illegal to use. Solder that contains lead, is from April 2006 will no longer be available for use in electronic soldering and according to Maplin sales, any solder lead base sold will be an offence.
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My information on lead content was relayed in good faith and to advise fellow modellers. Time will tell who is spreading hype.
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I must be in another world from the rest or missing a point. Can anyone quote one a spectacular deed that the two Bs have done for the country or is this asking the impossible.

B = Tony Blair B = Gordon Brown. Perhaps both soon to be "knighted" for services given to this country.
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1 - 3 of 65 Posts
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