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I don't know if it it might help, but I used to make dry stone walling for napoleonic military dioramas. It was a real cheat and so very simple. In truth, they weren't dry walls at all, but had solid middles. 🥺

I gathered stones from the side of roads, where they were well mullered by passing cars, to small, scale size bits. The next step was to steal some of my daughter's plasticine {you can sidestep this stage by buying some of your own... not half so daring!}. The plasticine was moulded into a shallow channel, as wide as the height of the desired wall. The, aforesaid, stones were then pressed into the plasticine, close by each other and to almost half their depth. Then the cheating spreading of pollyfilla {any suitable glue would do}, the pressing of the stones into the plasticine stops it from appearing around the stones. A second thin layer of stones was scattered over these and smoothed / shaken into the the spaces, a bit like ballast really.

Once thoroughly dry, the plasticine was gently peeled off the wall - definitely not the other way round. A bit of dark grey paint was brushed into the gaps, where odd bits of the Polyfilla could be seen.
[Any flowing glue could be used, in place of the Pollyfilla]
The Plasticine mould could, also, be picked up and shaped to the vertical form of the landscape, before the stones were pressed into it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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