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Another update although there isn't much to report.

I have finished the bridge area at the far end of the layout. The walls and pillars all have their capping stones and the plate girder at the back has a stone pillar at each end, something I had forgotten about in a previous picture. I am not sure that the bushes by the right hand wall look very convincing.

Water resources Sky Natural landscape Land lot Urban design

I have also done a job which I have been promising myself for months that I would do. That is to paint green the raw top edge of the fascia that goes all the way round the inside of the layout. Compare these before and after pictures.

Green Plant Terrestrial plant Line Urban design

Plant Automotive tire Leaf Wood Line

I think that the next job is to add pillars and capping stones to the wall at the back of the long incline. I'm not looking forward to this as it will need lots of pillars which will not be easy to make as they have to be 2 to 3mm thick in front of the wall and 6mm thick at the top where they are above the wall. some 6 x 6mm strip wood to make them but it will be fiddly.


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