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Hi Im Nick been into trains for years n years im currently 20 n have been in a few clubs Gainsborough Model Railways society (0 gauge) 'was very fun operating' and Bassetlaw Model Railway Society (various gauges)

Well been working on this layout for 3 years! its changed over 5 times (wanting to run different things and more!!!) its currently has a 8 ft senic section (soon to be more)
and is going to be in a U shape in my bedroom 1 side fiddle yard! (eventually all the way round) So far only 2 of the 5 senic boards are complete'ish lol with 1 more lagging behind!

The main idea behind this layout is that it can be set up for an exhibition mainly the middle of the U can be added in a straight line to give somthing 18 / 20 feet depending on fiddle yard! so theres a few tunnels lol
ill put some pics up tomorrow after ive had a tidy up lol
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Hi Nick.
Welcome to the forum.
Was just about to tell you about the photos but you were way ahead of me.Nice photos.Nice collection of loco's.
QUOTE (7 1/4 Nick @ 19 Jun 2008, 09:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thankyou mate lol yea the pics were way to big lol!! soon sortted that lol!

yea im mostly GWR loco wise but i do have a few southern n ECML loco's well spent youth building them up.
Haven't bought a new loco in over 3 /4 ish years last one i bought was the new bachman A1 lol

Eventually I want to run the layout as either GWR 'most of the time' or southern and mayber even preserved so i can what i want

Hi Nick.

It's nice to run what you want. You can always pertend that they had to divert through your section because of a landslide or

Any excuse is a good one.Come to think of it,why bother with the excuse's.
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Hi Everyone.

Each to his own. The main thing is that you enjoy it. It's a hobby after all.
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1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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