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Live Steam for LGB

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I have a loft crammed full of LGB (not mine) that needs to be used. The garden offers the possibility of a 30' level run and I wonder if there is any live steam available to use with the LGB stock and track.

I have been told that Regner is not so clever (and fearsomely expensive) but there are plenty of UK based live steam manufacturers.

What is a good 'starter' live steam loco that is easy to use but will continue to satisfy for many years?
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What gauge is LGB? I've seen it but never handled it so I'm uncertain. But 'Roundhouse' do sell a range of live steam locos for 32mm and 45mm gauges and 'G' scale - see Brandbright - are another UK firm selling live steam.

Specialist shops such as Garden Railway Specialists are also worth looking at as they carry products from several makers.

John Webb
QUOTE What gauge is LGB?

45mm as far as I know, the LGB in the loft has yet to be opened.
In that case I think you have a fairly wide choice available to you. It might also be worthwhile looking at the site which is a pretty comprehensive listing of makers and shops.

John Webb
LGB is 45mm which is also the gauge for Gauge 1. I am regularly tempted by Accucraft's electric powered Scotsman.

John, many thanks.

This summer, the terrace will be rebuilt with a dogbone loop and whatever LGB motive power that resides in the loft will be sold off and a suitable live steamer placed on order.

That reminds me, what about battery powered locos with R/C control? There has to be someone offering that combination in the key of G.........?

I think Garden Railway Specialists is probably the first place to try - I visited then about 6-7 years ago when contemplating my return to railway modelling and they have a very wide range of models. If they are a considerable distance from you - they are sited in Princes Risborough in Bucks - there should be other similar shops about; look in the magazine adverts.


You could also contact Andy at Kent Garden Railways - he may also do a deal with the LGB.

01689 891668
Thanks Brian,

I might give them a try.

You might keep a look out for an LGB Frank S live steam loco which were manufactured by Aster. They steam well and of course match the LGB stock and track very well.

They come up on eBay regularly and right price is probably £500-£750.

R/C was not originally supplied but GRS can help with suitable radio systems. I had one for a while and it would steam reliably for 15-20 minutes and haul a reasonable train.

If you don't fit radio control, the track should be very level for onsistant operation.
You could do worse than having a look at this UK based forum A friendly bunch of blokes and very helpful.
M.V.Schug in Germany are the European agents for Accucraft and theyn have some nice Continental locos in their range.

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