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Do you want the colour codes or colour photos? If the latter I have a book on NZ railways which may be of assistance.


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The following information came from a Yahoo group, NZ railchat which is about NZ railway modelling. NZ locos is another yahoo group about full size New Zealand railways that is good for all sorts of information annd loads of pictures that should show you examples of most colour schemes. Friendly lot on both groups, and members all over the world. Worth joining.

Quote from NZ railchat:

"Loco colour schemes go something like this:

The "original" diesel scheme was red with the white or yellow stripes

The DX loco's were purchased in an orange & yellow scheme, generally
called popsicle

The next colour scheme to be adopted was yellow ends, grey cab, and
orange long hood, generally referred to as fruit salad.

The next variation was essentially the replacement of the orange on the
long hood with a light blue

At about this point the railways were sold and Tranz Rail came into
being. They continued with the blue livery and then came up with their
own which was black with yellow ends and a large TR on the side.

Then the Australian company Toll bought the railway and introduced their
colours of green with lemon yellow ends.

Now the government has bought it back and introduced a new KiwiRail
colour scheme, of yellow, grey and orange.

With the exception of popsicle, there are still examples of the others
around, although only one red with white stripes still in KiwiRail
ownership and it was last seen at Hutt workshops. "

Hope this helps,
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