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QUOTE (upnick @ 7 Jun 2008, 15:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi all,

Recently i bought a chassis for the experimental diesel shunter LMS 1831 as pictured here .....

the chassis is complete being made from brass scratch built but the body is plasticard templates with the intention it is to be made from brass sheet, as can be seen from this picture the chassis needs the connecting rods adding but it runs well in both directions my main problem being conversion to DCC.
All i can find for reference on a google search is the wikipedia page and a photograph of 3 gents next to the loco, does anyone know of any other pictures or better still line drawings for this loco .

Many thanks


***It's good to see someone being creative, so good luck with the project. Brians advice is spot on for the installation of DCC

The chassis is perhaps a little short in the wheelbase as the original has some space between wheels - if you look at an LMS Jinty you'll see what I mean - the Johnson 1F half cab 1377 class (the prototypes chassis was taken from one) is very similar in wheelbase to a jinty chassis. This is no big deal though - if you get the charachter of the body right the chassis will not be all that much of an issue and you'll end up with a very unusual N scale loco.

The rods should be reworked though - the diesel also has a jackshaft drive where the added peak in the rods is - it is connected to the apex of the "Triangle". I think you'll find better images in LMS locomotives by Jenkins & Essery and there is also a book dedicated to LMS diesels which I can't lay my hands on at the moment. Neither has drawings but both do have images.


1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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