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LMS Auto coach Help !!!

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I just started to construct an LMS auto coach, and i can not find any photos of the non driving end, I know that the driving end had 3 windows, but what about thenon driving end, was there 2 window, or non at all? i got a feeling it was 2 windows, but im not absoluty sure.
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LMS non-corridor stock only had windows in brake ends. The driving compartment of an auto coach occupied part of the brake end, the two small windows being replaced by the three larger windows. The other end of an auto coach would therefore have no windows. That is the information supplied by David Jenkinson, who is generally very reliable on matters LMS.
Thats great, thanks for that info, very much appreciated, can plough on now, many thanks, John
Just a follow up on the last question, still on the LMS auto coaches, i have a photo that shows the motor / driver end of the coach, and theres no duckets, where these ever left on these coaches when they where converted to auto coaches? many thanks, John.
No information one way or the other concerning duckets in my version of DJ's carriage drawing book. But 3 photo's of LMS push-pull operations that I have to hand (the 'Dudley dodger', Watford-St Albans 'Abbey flyer' and a service from Uppingham) show no duckets on the driving vehicle; I would be inclined to go with the photos, after all it will be easy enough to add a ducket subsequently if better evidence emerges. One difference that is drawn on the side elevation is a higher position (just under the cantrail) for the lamps on the push-pull vehicles as compared to regular brakes.
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