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QUOTE (Graeme T @ 25 Apr 2007, 17:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sadly, I quite like my old locos, so will likely get them changed as it'll be cheaper than replacing them hopefully!


what kind of locos are they?

First, you´d have to determine how many amps of current they draw - older engines tend to draw a bit more than new ones. Based on that, you´d want to buy an appropriate DCC decoder. The usual limit on N scale decoders are 0.5 amps, so if your engines use less, then these decoders would be fine.

Second, do your engines feature light that you´d want to turn on and off?

Third, depending on the type of engines, where are the electrical pickups, and where is the motor (on steam engines e.g.)?

After figuring all that out, you need to solder the decoder between electrical pickup and motor, and electrical pickup and lightbulb, and you may have o remove analogue capacitators. Depending on the engine itself, you may have to lathe some of the ballast away to create a space where you´ll place the decoder.

I can´t decide whether keeping the locos is cheaper, but it looks like a lot of work equipping them with a DCC decoder. Maybe you can get some advice from a local hobby shop?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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