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Look through the headings and find the most appropriate for each one, people will help or redirect you to help.

can a DCC system control the analogue trains in the mean time?
Most DCC sytems can control one conventional loco but it'll buzz al the time so to be honest I'd build the layout and wire it for analogue control with isolating sections, separate track sections and get a cheap analogue controller around £25.
The advantage is you can just connect a DCC controller instead later and it helps for finding shorts as you can switch off each section to find faults.
You can still put chips in the locos that will work on DC or DCC so they will run anyway. I have a ez command but have never tried to run an analogue loco on it even though it says you can.

I am thinking of getting a basic DCC system for a test bench you see, possibly the Backmann EZ control so want to know if I have to do other things to run my existing stock on it or not.
Why not wait a bit and get a better controller like the gaugemaster start set, wait for bachmanns dynamis or the NCE powercab that you can use on the layout and test bench. I put my controllers in a box that holds the transformer, base and handset so the only wiring I have to change each time is the track connection.
Saves a bit of money and you'll have the same on the test bench as on the layout.

Just thought I'd throw in a few thoughts, stick these DCC ones in the dcc section,
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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