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QUOTE (Graeme T @ 25 Apr 2007, 15:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thank you both for your replies.

I am fairly set on moddling in N, although am unsure what you mean by "British Prototype" Dennis. I do intend to model using British rolling stock etc. so is this what you mean?

I will ask the DCC stuff in that section, thanks Paul.

I'm also fairly set on DCC, being the modern, IT type of bloke that I am. Also, with Farish/Dapol releasing increasing amounts of locos with 6pin sockets, I think it will make the whole process easier.

British N with DCC is far from impossible, at least in the diesel era (I'm doing it myself so have to say that!). A certain amount of skill is needed to fit the decoders though, we're not yet at the stage where they can just plug in. Google will find several websites with good instructions and photos which ought to give you some idea whether your're comfortable with the necessary modifications (or there are people who will do them for you at a price). Steam locos, and all current Dapol products, are more difficult than Farish diesels. Both suppliers are becoming more DCC-friendly but this is a slow process.

In your situation I would wire the layout for DCC from the start rather than bothering with the extra wiring for DC. You could connect an analogue controller to run one loco for testing (removing all other locos from the layout), but one of my first actions would be either to fit decoders to the existing locos or get rid of them.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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