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Lock Down Layout OO Gauge

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Hi All you people in lock down,

Me im in New Zealand..and we have 4 weeks of idleness and for me solitude.
Okay how do i fill these idle hours...i have video games, youtube, forums..and if im in the mood reading..oh sorry Netflix.
I will at some stage get around to all of these..the layout comes first.
I am not going to go into any details regarding my latest .
I will just post some pics of what i have done toady the 25th March.
Plus a couple of teaser look at were im at with the latest version of Palin Bay.
Please comment good or bad all are welcome.

Thats it tonight.. its been a long day and a few beers.

Stay Safe

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QUOTE (Bear 1923 @ 26 Mar 2020, 23:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
... but good news for you today
I hope it will apply to you
Government finally woke up to the self employed. (It took them long enough to wake up to my category

Meanwhile... Most modellers have lots of projects backed up and waiting for time to get round to them... So - hopefully...

I don’t think it is a case of “finally woke up” more a case of stepped increases in coverage of GOV help in the crisis, it would be impossible to bring everything in at once, let alone totally confusing for the public, then again no matter how these steps are explained online GOV.UK.....not everyone will understand (or want to) regardless.

Unfortunately we are a little behind the curve, but that’s the problem with trying to juggle jelly, somebody gets in a mess usually the person juggling.
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