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Lock Down Layout OO Gauge

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Hi All you people in lock down,

Me im in New Zealand..and we have 4 weeks of idleness and for me solitude.
Okay how do i fill these idle hours...i have video games, youtube, forums..and if im in the mood reading..oh sorry Netflix.
I will at some stage get around to all of these..the layout comes first.
I am not going to go into any details regarding my latest .
I will just post some pics of what i have done toady the 25th March.
Plus a couple of teaser look at were im at with the latest version of Palin Bay.
Please comment good or bad all are welcome.

Thats it tonight.. its been a long day and a few beers.

Stay Safe

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At least Bear you will be getting paid as self employed I get nothing from any scheme so spend on railways is deffo on the back burner although I can afford a few bits and spares as yet, meanwhile my OO9 that I built whilst in hospital where I also was not paid is not prospering - as I cannot find anywhere to build it, sort of needs about 6' x 3' minimum and I want a Bachmann Woody Bay station which can always double up as a birthday pressie.

so good luck and well done bjrangi just what I need - mind I have just thought of a cunning plan!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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