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hi guys,
is there any info on what setting to programe you chip with the gaugemaster advance. i have chipped lima, hornby. i have been playing with the setting and they got very fast from the start and dont stop or just dont move!!!. if any one could help that would be great.

many thanks

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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 7 Feb 2008, 09:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Francesco.

I am happy to help as others are BUT you are going to have to be more specific about the questions if you want good answers. We can't guess whats happening!

The information on which brand of loco you chip is useful but not the real info we need - we need to know what brand of chip and what model of chip you used if we are to give you any helpful advice.

so - when you ask for advice, give us info such as that below for ONE loco at a time...
(1) Which chip model and brand.
(2) Were they DCC ready or did you hard wire
(3) Did you remove suppression capacitors
(4) Did you test the install was OK by reading the installed decoder on the programming track before trying it on the main
(5) Did you change the number or is it still at default address of 3
(6) Did you test run before you started changing CVs
(7) Which CVs did you change and what were you trying to do or achieve.
(8) now what happens when you try to run that loco.



all i know is that they are zimo chips, they are all second hand so all have been set to dif settings. is there a way you can reset the chips to the factory setting using the prodigy advance, then i could start from scratch.
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