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Locomotive Nameplates

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i am currently working to remake a NYC Hudson into a Christmas Engine

I am looking for the nameplate "St Nicholas"

I seems that the source i had (c g w nameplates) has ceased to do business or changed web addresses

i would appreciate any help - thank you

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thank you "hilux5972" - i know the website remains - but no response

Though I may be bit late in reply as just noticed this, one can make overscale crude nameplates from aluminium drinks cans. (Wear gloves!) The metal is scribed first with the name and surround and then the scribing is pushed back from the reverse side. Have a few attempts and chose the best ones. When one has satisied results (Hopefully) one can then paint them all over in black or red (Or any colour one wants!) and then gently rub off the raised parts with a small screwdriver or similar.
I have done this with my narrow gauge locomotives in 7mm scale. Though overscale and crude they do work and look "Fun!"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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