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Locos derailing

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QUOTE The diesels and DMUs are ok but some Hornby steam derail quite regularly. None of my German locos derail at all!

How common is this. The only issue I ever had was with a Bachmann Class 4MT when the front bogie kept coming off on a certain point. The answer was to not run the loco across that part of the layout.

The thing is Hornby and Bachmann don't deliberately design trains to derail, and surely they carry out extensive testing prior to putting a model into production.

And Hornby have their roadshow and their trains run for many hours each day and do not derail.

So lets have a definitive discussion on this subject.

Why do trains derail and how can you prevent this from happening?

Convince MRF members that it is the loco that is at fault and not some other aspect.

And what makes German steam locomotives stay on the track better than British locomotives?

German steam locomotives have smaller wheels and run more slowly as HO scale speeds are slower than OO so is this a factor?

Do German locomotives have bigger flanges than their British counterparts?

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QUOTE To be honest my first train show in the UK was kind of a let down. I was very suprised by what I saw.

Which show was it?

The big national shows are the ones that have the major layouts. These simply will not fit into many of the smaller events held and advertised locally only.

Railex is pretty good but remember that the focus of this show is finescale and kit built/hand built models and the mix of traders there reflects this. There is not normally much RTR for sale. A very high proportion of kit bashers attend as a result. The Railex organisers consider their show to be the leading show of its type in the country.

And taking this back on topic there were finescale locomotives that derailed when I attended Railex last year so the issue is not just confined to RTR models.

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