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I'm in Quinton, Birmingham and I have a loft layout.

Some of the following might be useful;

1/ Don't convert your loft too much or you will need planning permission and might create problems if you ever want to sell your house.

2/ Make all the baseboards portable even if you intend to lay the track uncut and all pinned down. It is much easier to dismantle in the even of any emergency and also to get the borads into and out of the loft.

3/ Leave slight gaps in the rails when slotted into the fishplates - this will allow for any expansion/contraction caused by rapid temperature change.

4/ Always keep some dust sheets over the layout when not in use (I use polythene sheets which I get from the drycleaners when they return your cleaned clothes).

5/ Keep the rolling stock in boxes/cabinets/storage units if you are keeping them in the loft.

6/ Make sure there are enough electrical power points in the loft and also that there is sufficient light - I have two bulbs and it's still a little dark.

7/ Make access to the loft easy - I started building the layout with only stepladder access at first and it was very inconvenient and would often stop me from 'playing trains' because of the hassle of getting in and out.

Hope the above helps and best of luck!
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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