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Nice to see the Dublo in the background as well.


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This topic explains how to include pictures in your posts.


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QUOTE (classicdelights @ 10 Jan 2009, 17:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>TerryB

How do you publish pictures into your post? I tried to put a picture of my modified A4 on the site but the process has me foxed.

Kind Regards

Hi "Classicd...."
tbh,I dunno exactly ....I published the above two pics as a tester,and then attempted to do a thread on my whole layout ....the above two worked,and there are about a dozen links on the other thread [in the "Layouts" section] .... I can only assume,that as they're only links,most peeps [like ....errrr ....everyone!
] cant be bothered to open the links,as no-one has replied or commented on my layout.
However,to satisfy my own curiosity,and attempt to answer your question here goes .....

Open a "Photobucket account and transfer your pics to it.
From this forum,open another tab.
Click on the "insert image" icon at the top of the reply post.
Go to your photobucket account ....hold the cursor over the selected image and waith until the box appears below the image and then left click on "direct link"
Return to the reply [on this forum] and right click and then left click on "paste"
THe link should appear

It has'nt worked. ....Bear with me ...

TEST .....

AhhAhh manually typing "img" enclosed in [] brackets before the link .....and "/img" in [] after the link appears to work.
Dont ask me how or why ....'cos I dunno ....but tbh,I dont have any other probs posting pics on any other forums.

hope this helps ....its the best I can do,and it also satisfies my own curiosity.
Now I'll just go and attempt to edit my thread in the "Layouts" section ....

EDIT ....
....No does'nt work ....I cant edit my posting on the layouts thread ........
....there is'nt even a edit button on there .....

best regards
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