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lok progammer

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Hi, I have a Lok programmer and when I want to alter cv's its reading the info on the decoder but saying no decoder in the bottom left hand corner ,but its sill changing cvs also some times I get an error message can't write cv's .I read some where the lead to the computer could be faulty ,any ideas thanks, Jim .
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34c Hi I hope you had a great Christmas If you register any ESU product there is an English Forum which you can glean great info Hope this Helps. I did find an interesting situation when Decoders do
not appear to work my friend told me that they loose Data as they are a mini computers and you get error messages on the programmer the solution was to put them on the Decoder tester and providing no faults on there occurred run them on the tester for 30 minutes and then retry the programmer again. It worked for me on several decoders I had for some time in boxes New.Babs
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