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Hi, I have a Lok programmer and when I want to alter cv's its reading the info on the decoder but saying no decoder in the bottom left hand corner ,but its sill changing cvs also some times I get an error message can't write cv's .I read some where the lead to the computer could be faulty ,any ideas thanks, Jim .
It's been a while since I used mine, but based on your comments I'd say the problem is with your loco or decoder or as you suggest the connection.

From memory, you update the changes in the Lok progammer software, then flash update the decoder. Your errors:
  • No decoder
  • unable to update CVs
suggest that you are updating the software, but it in turn can't update the decoder.

Lok programmer will allow you to save your decoder settings as a 'project' - so theoretically you can update many decoders with the same project-file settings, or recover settings on the decoder that get lost somehow. Maybe the project just needs to be saved first?
Hopefully you got the answer from the ESU forum in the meantime.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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