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QUOTE (squeaky @ 30 Oct 2006, 13:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I cancelled my order with Lokshop as I was unsure of how much postage I was going to be charged.

Since then they have updated thier website with postage rates for each country, so I have ordered from them.

I have now had confirmation that my order has been sent.

I have been charged about 18 euros for delivery, insurance and the 4% export handling which works out about £12.
Overall I have saved £23 on another model shops prices

I have used Lokshop several times and have nothing but praise for them. I once visited the shop in person (Tram ride from Karlsruhe Hbf) and found the owner to be very friendly and helpful, and of course speaking excellent English. Generally I find his prices to be very competitive and service prompt. I have also had good service from Modellbahn Kramm.


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