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Alas, spongebob's thoughts about the Bingley 5-rise would need a great deal of carving up of the new Hornby locks. The Skaledale locks are 'narrow' and therefore take a 70ft approx long by 7ft wide narrow boat. The Bingley 5-rise are 'broad' ie 14ft wide, but only some 60ft long as the Leeds and Liverpool canal was built to take a local boat which was already around those dimensions. (It wasn't only the railways who had gauge differences and resultant problems!)

Possible places for models of real-life could be the Watford [Gap] flight which is close to the A5, the M1 and the West Coast mainline, and a number of places around Birmingham/Wolverhampton where railways run (or used to) close to flights of locks. This area also had a number of railway/canal interchange basins at one time.

But all praise to Hornby for this significant addition to their range.

John Webb
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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