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So the great unfinished project from my past was the attempt to model my local station, Askam in Furness, in gauge 3. This was intended both to go out to shows and also be a semi permanent display at Barrow Hill roundhouse in the water tower building. It was going to be immense, 30 foot long and with two rows of parallel baseboards five feet wide. The practicality of actually moving it around hadn't been fully worked out of course!

Representing the Furness railway at the turn of the century the rolling stock would all be scratchbuilt including the beautiful Sharp Stewart locos in the distinctive Furness Indian red colour scheme

I'd started with the station building. This grade 2 listed building was designed by the renowned Lancaster architects Paley and Austin in 1887 for the Furness Railway and survives today in quite good condition.

I had copies of the original drawings from the local County archive. Construction was MDF for the basic structure with the red sandstone stonework hand tooled in Red DAS modelling clay hand scribed to represent the blockwork. Pack after pack of it! as the model was six feet long. The roof closely followed the drawings with the roof joists and rafters in stripwood. The model was meant to look as if it was being reroofed so the interior details could be seen. The areas that wer in situ had the roof slates represented by what seemed to be miles of scribed plasticard

More soon


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That is immense!

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