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Looking for a scenic layout in the UK

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Remember the BBC TV Request? Hopefully we'll see Craig's layout on 'Home' on BBC2 in a couple of weeks. Bedrooms last week and Halls and entrances next week so Attics will be in a while.

We now have another request for a Layout for another project. This one doesn't have to be in the attic, but can be anywhere in the house, shed or garage. It can be at a club as long as the filming would not bother any other members and as long as the filming can be carried out in relative tranquility.

Only the layout would be featured to showcase some specific locomotives and trains that will be supplied by the production company.


- OO scale, 16.5 gauge layout
- DCC layout or Simple DC (no complex isolated sections)

- Good quality of scenery

- British buildings, vegitation and overall look etc.

- Mixed Steam and Diesel/Electric (so perhaps British transition period)

- Good space around layout for filming

- Layout located in the UK with easy access from highways

If you can and are willing to help, please send an email to [email protected] or send me a personal message (PM) from within the forum software.
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