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Hi all,

My brother and I are building a layout in 00 and will be looking for places to show our efforts off next year, it is provisional booked for Caistorail next Oct and would welcome any further invites.

I am currently based in North Lincolnshire and Andii (my brother) in Leicestershire, we dont mind travelling but not the other end of the country (i.e Devon) as she who holds the purse strings would have a Benny!!

The layout is still under construction but should be ready for public scrutiny (note I didn't say finished, what railway ever is!) early next summer

The layout is a fictisious hertitage railway set in the north east around a former cotton mill. It will be 30ft x 4ft with hidden rear fiddle, and rear support tables (somewhere for the kettle for that all important brew)

As soon as I figure how to I will post some pics

I hope to meet many of you out there in the real world soon

Bro Sewell

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If you can email me some pictures i will speak to my exibition manager.

Its the kidderminster show in early march but i would more likely be penciled in for 2008 as he may want to see it before hand.



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