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Looking for GWR 45xx Kit

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Hi All,

I'm modelling GWR (and beyond) based on Cornish China Clay branchlines. I'm looking for a straightforward kit for a 45xx 2-6-2T or a small Prairie. Is anyone aware of the available kits for these locos? The plan is to build at least 3 with the worst result going onto eBay!! (sad isn't it!)

For those specialising in Clay and its transport, there is a newish Yahoo eGroup too.

Just to explain more about my layout plans - I have designed a 2 level layout with two Cornish Clay dries on an upper level branchline above a seven bay fiddle yard. There is a GWR station planned at the (exposed) junction and a second halt on the upper level. Based on Burngullow West and Crugwallins and foreshortened due to lack of space, the halt and station are fictitious so I can use a collection of GWR railcars!

The plan is to build modern clay dries as well as linhays for each siding on the same foot-print. This will enable me to switch eras very quickly. Half the fiddle yard will have GWR and the other half a selection of diesels from Warships through to EWS 37's. Naturally the BR blue William Cookworthy is included!

Looking forward to hearing about the 45xx kits....

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Welcome to the board Nick.

The following may help.

For a chassis there is a suitable one listed here -

For an example of a Kays white metal kit built loco there is an example here:-

Really you need to locate a Kays kit and they went out of production some time ago. The question is has somebody else taken over the kit production or does someone have some old stock somewhere.

There is always the old Lima model as a last resort which can be picked up secondhand for about £30 if in good condition.

Happy modelling
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Personally I'd go for the Bachmann body on a scale chassis (Comet?), but only if I was modelling in EM or P4, otherwise the Bachmann loco is a very hard act to beat (looks great, runs well)
. The Ks kit (assuming you could find one) would need a huge amount of work before it would look anything like as good, and the Ks kits I built all ran poorly
, no matter how hard I tried. The other consideration is cost of course - you could probably get 2 Bachmann locos for the price of 1 kit!
I think Malcolm Mitchell does a "state of the art" 45XX kit as well, I'm sure it's brilliant but I've no experience of his kits.

Ks were ultimately taken over by Autocom (based in Andover I think) but they seem to have stopped advertising now - Tower Models of Blackpool and/or The West Coast Kit Centre (see ads in Railway Modeller) are still advertising some kits for sale.

Hope I haven't put you off! These days I still build loco kits, but I concentrate on the prototypes that I'm fairly sure will never appear rtr (as a Southern Region modeller, I still have plenty of choice!)

Good luck with the layout!
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