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Lottery Winners Commission

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Going on what Gary says in the Blue Pullman and the NRM Deltic. How much would you spend if you won £20million on commissions. Mines around £5million

I'd get maybe half back in sales which isn't to bad a legacy to leave for the next 20-30 years of production and the modellers of the future.

I would pay for the tooling to get the prices lower overall hence my prices for the ones I'd choose. I would even make a loss to get them affordable to all.

No particular order or preference.

1. HST. Latest High detail. Lights and Sound to both power cars. Lighted coaches with passengers. Different passenger layout per coach type. All lighting DCC switched.

All £150 each. Extra coaches £20

a. 1000 x 4 car set 1970's.
b. 1000 x 4 car set Intercity Swallow
c. 500 MML 4 car set
d. 500 GNER 4 car set
e. 1000 x 9 car set. 1970's. £200
f. 1000 x 10 haa/hba hoppers for Heljan CL58 below. £50

1. CL37 BR blue/small yellow/split headcode, DCC sound/lights. 4 x MK1 coaches as per above. £125
a. 1000x train pack

2. CL222
4/9 car set as per HST
a. 1000 x 4car set MML
b. 500 x 4 car set Hull trains
c. 500 x 9 car set MML
d. 500 x 9 car set FGW

3. 1000x 10 pack HHA hoppers weathered different numbers. £100 sub price.


1. Container crane in OO scale £200 sub price
2. CL 58 Sherwood colliery + Hornby hoppers as above. £100 job lot

Vi trains

1. Blue pullman set as asked for by Gary

a. 1000x 4 car set as per HST. £150. Extra coaches £20


Cl225 GNER (for Neil) bless! and a decent motor!!

1000x 4car set as per HST £150. Coaches £20
500 x 9 car set £200

I'd also sponsor the top model of Pat's vote each year for 5 years and alternate between manufactures. Why they can't do this know is beyond me.

Just remember you can't take what's left with you
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Taking this a stage further, and assuming that the manufacturers were prepared to play then I would suggest some of the following as well.


class 71 (always wanted one)
81 (a la Triang)


class 14 (cute)
15 (Useless in reality)
23 (only ever saw 5901 on the Derby test train)
28 (because it's an oddity)


Wainwright H class 0-4-4T
Big Bertha
Crosti 9F
Avonside 0-6-0ST (used all over the country)

I would probably get some stuff made up in HO and N as well - why should 4mm modellers get all the breaks?

Ah well a man can dream.

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Bachman have stated that if someone was to commission a large enough run then they would produce a loco so if i won the lottery ( I did win a £10 last saturday
) then i would probably commission a class 86 with a run of 5000 I'm assuming you can have differing liveries so perhaps 1000 in electric blue 2000 in corporate blue and 1000 each in intercity swallow and anglia ?

and if had a big enough win i would also commission an rtr class 105 as well
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Aww - what about the good old Notwork SouthEast variant??

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