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Lux vacuum and rail cleaning wagons

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I've never seen them in the flesh and am just curious. Are they a gimmick or do they really work?
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Interesting. When I come to think about it now, Jim seems to be right.

I use, as some people put it, the worlds best ; the Fleischmann and Roco rubbers.
Both leave a residue behind and if you swap your forefinger onto the rail tops after cleaning you can feel those tiny residue particles. If not cleaned with a cloth these critters stick on to the wheels causing poor pickup in the future.

Also interestingly enough, yes I clean them more often then I used to. On a microscopic scale these rubbers tend to leave crevices on the rail tops which actually is an invitation to muck and oxidation, as Silver Nickel rails composition is not as we know it. Richard covered this subject in one thread which I cannot pin point now.
It seems cleaning with IPA or any meth spirits is more sensible to do.

Richard & Jim,

You have convinced me.
Now can you please explain what this polish is, I seem to be lost here and how do you apply it.

Jim, you say " polish them with Brasso" ( I gather its a trademark name of polish that I can't find down here). Polishing the rail tops won't it act as insulation?
It will eventually cover the rail with a thin layer film? If you wipe it out then whats the point in polishing it?

Thanks guys

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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