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hi there ... the dapol track cleaning car was originally made by tomix in japan ... re- badged and sold in uk as a dapol - they prob done a deal with tomix. - i bought a n guage version of it in a model shop in sydney a few years back. the vacuum function works very well! ... its amazing after a few circuits to see just how much fluff is in the "cannister".

when i was at warley show last year and at the scottish model rail show this year, there was a "stall/shop" that visits from germany called JapanModelRailways and supplies these cars under the tomix brand.

they also sell the dcc converter board which just slots in once u take the old one out and allows u to plug in a decoder to vary the cleaning intensity from your handset!.

i havent done my conversion yet but i bought the kit and it looks very straightforward to fit.

this shop also sells a liquid cleaner that can be put into the cleaning cars' onboard dispenser and this then trickles the fluid onto the cleaning discs to give your rails a really excellent clean!. bit like a carpet shampooer with whirling brushes and cleaning liquid!.

i also have the cmx track cleaning tanker which dispenses liquid onto a pad that then sweeps across the rails. used together the results are almost as good as ud get by hand esp on the harder to reach areas of a layout!.

well worth the money id say!. eventually ull need to clean yr rails manually with a track rubber/other method - i dont think there is a replacement as effective as hand cleaning yet, but these do help prolong intervals between manual cleaning.!
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