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Mail order packs-Hornby gold-plated MN set

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Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Hornby, who very kindly replied with regards to this year's Mail Order train packs- there are going to be four:

R2597= The Bristolian, containing 7037 "Swindon" and three chocolate and cream Mk. 1 coaches

R2598= The Derby Royal train, containing rebuilt BoB 34088 "213 Sqn." and three new type Pullmans

R2599= The Night Scotsman- A3 60048 "Doncaster" and three blood and custard ex-LNER sleepers.

The above will be L/E of 1500.

Hornby are also going to release R2700- a special set harking back to the days of Triang TT, when Triang sold 300 gold plated MNs to Kays. The new set will consist of a Rebuilt MN in Gold, with a gold-plated Pullman for it to haul. Only 300 sets will ever be made, so be quick- order as soon as they appear in the Autumn retail catalogues.

The "normal" packs will retail at £125, the gold set at £175.

I can see this one going up in value massively!
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Agree with comments on the Hornby HST. Its totally PANTS!
Hornby's HST together with their awful class 37 and 47 diesel locos are way past thier sell by date and suitable only as toys and definately not models.
How do Hornby justify the £60 RRP price tag for their 37 and 47 locos? They have been around in their crude forms for donkey's years and have hardly seen any improvments in all that time. The price tag suggest that Hornby are marketing a 'model' and not a toy. If that is the case why don't Hornby drop these hideous toolings ASAP and introduce the ex-Lima ones?
If they must continue knocking out these crude old toys then they should drop the price and put them in a junior starter range. That is all they are fit for.
It is strange how 3 of some of the most prominent examples of traction on Braitains railways are some of the worst offerings Hornby have ever made. The fact they continue with these 'toys' with such a ridiculous RRP is unacceptable. Put them up against the superior Bachmann locos which are lightyears ahead but similarly priced and the Hornby offerings look like an even bigger joke than they already are. It is not just a matter that they have been overtaken by newer models - they never did look right in the first place. God knows what Hornby's designers were doing back then - probably tripping out on the choice of herbs for that era!!
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I agree that Hornby's 37 and 47 locos are OK for younger hands but the £60 RRP is way off the mark for a basic toy aimed at children.
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